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Author: Zubair Makhdoomi

Unlocking the Secrets to a Thriving Business in the United Arab Emirates

About the Author

  • UAE Business Advisory Expert

  • Strategic Growth Consultant

  • Entrepreneurial Development Specialist

  • Market Entry Strategist

Zubair the Author

Explore the Reasons This Book Should Be Your Next Read

  • Unlock the secrets of UAE's thriving business landscape.

  • Explore the dynamic market of the UAE with authoritative insights.

  • Tap into the spirit of the UAE and grasp unique opportunities.

  • Navigate the complexities of company formation and growth in the UAE.

  • Understand cultural diversity and etiquette to build lasting relationships in the UAE.

What's Contained Within? Explore the Book's Offerings

  • Explore the UAE's opportunities, legal framework, and business environment.

  • Learn to choose, form, and finance your UAE business venture.

  • Understand UAE taxation, accounting, recruitment, and employee management strategies.

  • Master UAE marketing, networking, cultural diversity, and business growth approaches. 

  • Navigate UAE challenges, learn success stories, and discover future trends.

Thinking about starting a business in Dubai yourself? You're not alone, and yes, it's possible! But before you dive in, here's what you need to know:

  • 60+ UAE jurisdictions; select the right one through expert guidance and advice.

  • Engaging with authorities takes time; are you prepared for the lengthy process?

  • Dubai company setup means extensive paperwork; be ready for legal and banking.

  • Saving money is possible, but consider the time, effort, and potential pause.

  • The complexity can be eased; seek professional help for a smooth start.

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